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Unlock Time-Saving Secrets With Eduaide: The Ultimate AI Productivity Tool

Tool Tuesday

Educators strive to unlock creativity in education, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we now have a powerful ally in our pursuit of efficiency and innovation. In a world where time is often the scarcest resource, comes to the rescue, promising to streamline tasks and free up our time for creative endeavors. I’m excited to show you how can be a game-changer, not by replacing the teacher, but by becoming the trusted sidekick!

Like MagicSchool, Eduaide uses a large language model as the basis for its platform. It has over 100 resource types since this blog’s publication. And while it does have some overlap with MagicSchool, it also has some unique tools that MagicSchool doesn’t offer. I use both MagicSchool and Eduaide equally (and daily!).

Eduaide organizes its resources into six categories: planning, information objects, independent practice, cooperative learning, gamification, and questions. 

Enhance Prompts

The tools themselves are self-explanatory and easy to explore, save, and delete. The feature that makes Eduaide stand out for me is its ability to “enhance” my prompt to make it even better, giving me the best output possible. 

Unenhanced Prompt
Output from unenhanced prompt
Enhanced prompt: I simply clicked “enhance,” and my prompt was given additional details. I can edit this as I’d like before creating the resource.

Organizing your create materials is easy with eduaide!

As I create resources I save them in folders with the names of my units so that I can quickly and easily find what I’ve made. Eduaide also has an assistant tool that helps teachers complete tasks such as writing emails, creating an outline for their classroom newsletters, writing student updates, creating class announcements, and more. Like MagicSchool, Eduaide has a chatbot built in so you can generate new ideas as you’re using the tools. Finally, Eduaide also has a feedback tool, which will give students feedback on their writing using pre-determined settings or through the use of your rubric that you can upload. Remember to take out any identifying details from student work before you submit it for feedback.

EduAide is a freemium tool – the free version offers 15 generations each month and offers limited tools. The Pro version offers unlimited generations and a complete suite of tools.

Eduaide is a major time-saver when it comes to creating resources for the classroom and it’s one of my everyday go-to AI tools!

If you missed our post about MagicSchool, make sure you check it out here!

Stay curious, stay innovative!

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AI Transparency: Chat GPT was used to help develop this post.  Chat GPT 5%, Human 95%.  I use it to maximize the readability. Here is the prompt that I used:Prompt: “Read this blog post, DO NOT change the content.  Give me feedback on SEO* (Copy and Paste blog post)” *SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

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