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Schoolai and Its Amazing Features

Tool Tuesday

I have been listening to and seeing activities around Schoolai for a few weeks now and just had to try it out and investigate this tool for myself. Right off the bat, I have to start with the Terms of Service and Privacy is both FERPA and COPPA-compliant. Many schools also require a Data Privacy Agreement from different companies and Schoolai encourages you to reach out.  Students do not need to sign in, but accounts can be enabled by educators. It is very clear that Schoolai has student safety and privacy as a priority.

Now that we’ve got through all those logistics what is it that this tool can do?  With this tool, you can find an AI space, create an AI space, or give your students access to an AI sidekick. Here is a video to tell you a little more about it. 


Spaces (according to Schoolai) are AI-powered chatbots designed to help students learn. Every space has built-in monitoring and controls for teachers. I started by looking at the ones already created.  WOW! There are so many. You can search them, and they are also organized by creators, subjects, or featured collections.  I chose the subject of science and the Forest Ecosystem Space.  This led me to a dashboard where I had the option to launch the space, make it a favorite, or share it.  When I launched it it provided me with a code/link to share with my students.   When students log in it shows them on my dashboard.  I can see student chats and pause or end at any time. 

Schoolai Teacher Dashboard

Student Conversation

On the student side, it’s a conversation back and forth with the bot that is about Forest Ecosystems. Students can choose to have the responses read to them and they can do speech-to-text to record their answers.  There are also several languages that a student can choose from.

Schoolai Forest Ecosystem Space

Once I chatted back and forth with the bot for a little bit I put my middle schooler hat on. I tried to be a little inappropriate and off-topic (remember the teacher has access to the conversation too).  The bot did a great job of pulling it back to forest ecosystems each time.  You may want to give a space a try before you sign up for an account and you can do that here. Good luck choosing there are so many ideas here. And remember you can also create your own.

I cannot wait to share this in some of the upcoming professional development I’m doing.  It really is a tool for a variety of levels.  Holly Clark shared a tweet the other day of kindergarteners using it.  I also have to share Holly Clark’s Taylor Swift Space she created. 

Go PLAY with Schoolai!

Schoolai also has teacher tools and remember the sidekick? You can launch this to help students with specific content.  Set specific rules and describe the students the sidekick is interacting with, giving the sidekick detailed directions will better serve the student’s needs.  I want to play with this feature more and report back, but for now, I’m keeping this week’s Tool Tuesday short and sweet so you can go PLAY!  Go check it out, come back to our Facebook page, and share your favorite space you found or created.  

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-Stay Curious, Stay Innovative!

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