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Part 2: More Ways AI Can Help You Meet ALL Students’ Needs

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We know as teachers it takes a wide variety of tools and strategies to meet students’ needs.  In this post, we will look at as a way to meet accommodations.  We’ll check out Wisdolia to help students with reviewing materials.  We will also think about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and behavior tools.  I also want to give you an accommodations/modifications crosswalk that will help with many of the accommodations you are required to meet in your classroom. If you didn’t get a chance to check out Part 1 of Ways AI Can Help You Meet ALL Students’ Needs check it out here. helps you take notes.

For me, one of the hardest things I had to do was provide notes for students. will create a transcript, summarize it, and share it.  In real time you can highlight what was said, leave reactions, and write comments. You can use this in a few different ways.  You could have it record your lessons as you teach them.  It would be in your account so you could have control over it.  Once the class is done you can edit, summarize, and share with students.  You could also have students use it to record class or record a video they are watching, and it also works in video calls.  As always check the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies and make sure they comply with your district’s policy.  This is a 13+ tool.  We would love to hear how you are using it in your classroom.

Wisdolia helps review content.

Wisdolia allows you to copy and paste or upload links and files to create a set of flash cards.  Then it gives you a place to study what is created.  If you’re stuck and not sure you can answer or figure out the flash card you can chat with your document.  When I uploaded my YouTube video I was able to generate a group of cards and then ask for definitions when I wasn’t sure of something.  This is a 13+ tool.  Here are the Privacy Policies.

Wisdolia offers many options

Magic School helps to meet Students’ Needs

We all have those students who need a little extra guidance with social-emotional learning as well as students who need some direction with behavior.  For these two challenges, I’m coming back to

Magic School has three tools that could be helpful with SEL Lessons and behavior.  The behavior intervention suggestions tool cues you to give a list of behaviors and it will give you an output of interventions to use. This would be a great tool to use when developing an IEP, a behavior plan, or just on the spot for ideas when you’re discussing behavior in a meeting.  

Check out their SEL tools.

Magic School also offers an SEL Lesson Plan and Social Stories. Both prompt you with your grade level and your needs for the lesson or story.  I was working with a counselor at a school and she got so excited about the potential of this tool.  She told me that she had a small group of students who were dealing with both grief and divorce.  She was glad there was a tool that could create a social story with both these topics.  As we talked we continued to brainstorm how you could also ask the generator to relate the story to something the students were excited about like cars, or Pokemon.  Another added step could be to have them express their feelings through Canva’s text-to-image feature.  What a great way to engage these students in these topics and process their feelings.  These tools have so much potential!

Even more tools to help you!

I created an accommodations/modification crosswalk a while ago, and just revisited it to look at how AI can help as well.  This document lists accommodations and modifications and provides suggestions for tools and documentation.  Hopefully, you can use this as you are working toward meeting the needs of your students.  If you have a great tool that you use please let us know and we’ll add to it it!  You can also join us on Facebook to be a part of the conversation with this document. 

I hope that these tools will help make teaching a little more sustainable, and help you to meet ALL students’ needs.

Stay curious, stay innovative!

AI Transparency: Chat GPT was used to help develop this post.  Chat GPT 5%, Human 95%.  I use it to maximize the readability. Here is the prompt that I used:Prompt: “Read this blog post, DO NOT change the content.  Give me feedback on SEO*”(Copy and Paste blog post)” *SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

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