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Need to Speed Up Your Workflow? Try Brisk

Tool Tuesday Brisk Teaching

With everything on educators’ plates right now, it’s great to have some tools under our belts to increase our efficiency so that we can focus on what’s important: our students.

Brisk Teaching, a Google Chrome extension, is an easy-to-use tool that can help teachers provide feedback; create lesson plans, quizzes, and exemplars; level texts; and detect AI-generated writing. Brisk is a freemium tool that is free for individual educators but has some features that can only be unlocked if your school or district purchases an upgraded version. There is no upgrade available for individuals at this time. Fortunately, Brisk’s free version is robust.

AI Detection

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: using AI detectors to detect AI writing. Neither Nicole nor I advocate using AI detectors: they are inaccurate and biased. While they might give us information to use to have a conversation with a student about their writing, they should not be used to “prove” a student used AI to produce their work. With that in mind, I will skip over this feature of Brisk as it is not one that I use.


I do recommend all the other features of Brisk, most notably its feedback tool. While the conversation around whether or not teachers should be using AI to give students feedback is still taking place, let me offer my two cents. I’ve attended many webinars and workshops where AI-assisted feedback has been the main topic and, for me, it boils down to this practice: AI is an incredibly powerful tool to help teachers give timely formative feedback. I’ll write more about this practice in a later blog, but for transparency’s sake, I do use AI to assist me in giving detailed formative feedback and Brisk is my go-to tool. It is always good to check privacy policies and make sure they align with your school’s policies.

With Brisk, a teacher can give feedback on highlighted selections of a written piece or on pieces in their entirety. The free version of Brisk allows teachers to select three different modes of feedback: Rubric Criteria, Glow and Grow, or Next Steps. All are equally detailed.

Brisk Feedback From a Rubric

The rubric criteria feedback is just that – you enter the rubric criteria, select the grade level of the student, and let Brisk do the rest. In this example I gave it the criteria of: Thesis and Introduction; Organization; Support and Development; Style and Tone; Grammar and Mechanics, but I could also upload a rubric to get customized feedback.

Criteria feedback

I can then edit the feedback to reflect my own observations and click “insert” and Brisk will put the feedback right in the student’s document in a chart.

Brisk Glow and Grow Feedback

Glow and Grow is my favorite way to give formative feedback. I can specify criteria (or not) and let Brisk work its magic.

Grow and Glow

Again, this is all editable so that you can add your personal feedback, but this example has no human intervention and I’d argue that it is solid feedback!

Brisk Next Steps Feedback

Finally, Brisk will offer feedback in the form of the Next Steps.

Next Steps Feedback

Lesson Plans, Quizzes, and Exemplars

Brisk can also improve your efficiency via its Create tool. Open a Google Doc and Brisk can quickly help you create quizzes, lesson plans, resources, exemplars, resources, and more. All of these can be created to a specified grade level, set time limit, and in fourteen languages. The prompt booster feature will help you get more out of your prompt to get you the most out of the tool. In just seconds you can create everything you need right in your Google Doc.

Leveled Texts

Finally, Brisk can help you differentiate for all reading levels with its text-leveling ability. The leveling tool works on any news article you land on and on most websites. Simply set the reading level you would like to have the original text converted to and Brisk will create a new Google Doc with a leveled text. It will also translate texts into fourteen different languages with the click of your mouse!

Original text from The Conversation
Text leveled to an 8th grade level

Brisk Teaching is a massive tool in a tiny package. Its free version is robust and offers customization at the click of a button. Brisk is FERPA compliant and it does not use anything you input to train AI. It’s a “must-have” tool to improve your efficiency!

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Stay curious, stay innovative!

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