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Maximize Productivity With Magic School

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Nicole Karod

Magic School is AMAZING!  It is the ultimate teacher tool for productivity. You can sign up here
Full disclosure: I am a Magic School AI pioneer.  What this means is that I’m a champion for Magic School; this is not hard because it’s so great! The benefits of being a pioneer are getting updates about Magic School, using their tools, a welcome t-shirt, and the opportunity to be a part of a great community of innovative educators.  If this interests you, you can apply here.

Where to start with AI? Magic School

Unlike a large language model, this site prompts you, because of this is very approachable and a great place to start if you haven’t used AI yet.  The other feature of Magic School that makes it approachable is the tools it offers.  60+ tools range from lesson plan building to behavior intervention, these tools will help make teaching sustainable.  

My favorite tool right now has to be the Choice Board Generator.  When you click on this generator it prompts you to enter “grade level,” “Learning Goal, Standard, Objective, or Topic,” and “Additional detail for the choice board.”  The more information that you put in for the second two categories the better your results will be.  I teach science and I like to copy and paste the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) that I’m working on.  For additional details you might include many or specific modalities, you might ask it to include an activity using technology, or something artistic.  You could also specify the number of activities you want.  

Magic School’s Choice Board Generator in Action

I asked for a choice board for 7th grade, on the topic of photosynthesis (NGSS Standard: Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for the role of photosynthesis in the cycling of matter and flow of energy into and out of organisms), and the additional information I gave was: Please include an activity using technology and artistic activity.  Can you also include an activity that involves being outside?

This was my output:

Results from Magic School Choice Board Generator
Using the results to create something of my own.

It took less than a minute to produce these results.  As always, my next step is to “Keep the human in the loop,” by reviewing it and making it something for my students to use in my classroom. I used Canva (free for education) to take what I liked about this and turn it into something that I could use for my students.

Freebie Alert: From Magic School to Canva

Here is the link to get this Canva Template.  You will need Canva to use it.

Magic School’s Large Language Model

Magic School has a version of a large language model (LLM) called Raina.  Just like others, you can prompt Raina to give you a response.  If you are not sure how to prompt an LLM, check back soon we will be doing a post on prompt engineering!

Raina is also available when you use the tools. You can ask Raina to provide other things to go with what you’ve generated.  For example, you can ask Raina to create a rubric for my choice board after I create it.  

Raina also prompts you at the end of the tool response to say things like, “Would you like resources for using virtual simulations in your classroom?” Still not sure where to start with Magic School? Check out the use cases they’ve posted here.

Overall, I would highly recommend playing around with Magic School.  It is created by a principal, who was once a teacher, so there is a great perspective on what teachers need.  You can join the Facebook community and engage with other AI innovative teachers.  This is a great entry point into AI for teachers to start increasing their productivity and decreasing their workload. Magic School is always improving and helping educators, stay tuned for Magic Student coming soon!

Let me know what you think of 

Come back and visit next Tuesday, for more exciting AI tools. 

-Stay Curious, Stay Innovative!

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AI Transparency: Chat GPT was used to help develop this post.  Chat GPT 5%, Human 95%.  I use it to maximize the readability, as well as make sure there is correct spelling and grammar. Here is the prompt that I used:Prompt: “Read this blog post, DO NOT change the content.  Give me feedback on SEO* as well grammar and spelling (Copy and Paste blog post)” *SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

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