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Diffit: Bridging The Gap In Educational Accessibility -Expert Insights

Tool Tuesday Diffit

On my list of top five AI tools for educators is Diffit – an AI-powered tool that customizes “literally anything” for educators so that we can focus on our students. Diffit is designed to assist educators in providing differentiated instruction through various features that allow them to customize instructional materials, adapt reading passages to individual student needs, and create student-ready activities.

Getting Started with Diffit

Diffit’s landing page is simple and clean, just what we need as busy educators! You can see almost everything it can do from this one view.

Diffit will create resources on any topic. The more information you give it, the better your output will be. I can create materials on “poetry” or add that I want to create materials on “poetic devices, including simile, metaphor, and alliteration.” Both prompts will create an output, but the more specific I am, the better the output will be.

If I have an article or video that I want to use as the resource for what it creates I can paste in the link, and if I have a text or excerpt from a text I want to use, I can paste that in or upload a PDF.

No matter what I choose, I can choose a reading level and language for the resources. For this example, I’ll use a Crash Course video that I’m going to show my students this week about Artificial Intelligence.

After pasting in the URL, I click “Generate Resources,” and in less than a minute I have the following resources created just for me: an adapted reading passage, a summary of the key points in the video, a list of vocabulary words and their definitions, multiple choice and short answer questions about the video, and open-ended prompts. All of these resources are customizable and editable.

Part of the Adapted Reading Passage
You get multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions too!

While this alone would be enough to make me tell everyone I know about Diffit, this is only the first step.

Student-Ready Activities

Once Diffit has created resources, you can take it a step further to create student-ready activities. These activities can be filtered by grade level, subject, and format (print or digital).

A snapshot of three of the available resources (out of hundreds!)
One of my favorites, Hexagonal Thinking

Once you have chosen the activity you wish to use, simply click “Open in Slides” and Diffit will create an interactive slide show, aligned to Common Core Standards, that you can share with your students. This slide show can be opened in Google Slides, shared directly to Google Classroom, or downloaded as a PDF or PPTX.

Check out all the materials it can create!

Diffit can save educators time by providing ready-made instructional materials that are fully customizable to meet the needs of our students. It also allows us to differentiate quickly by adapting content to different reading levels, customizing vocabulary, and adding questions at different levels of cognitive complexity, assuring that all students can access and understand the instructional materials, regardless of their reading level.

Diffit currently has a free trial for educators. There is also the option to have a paid school license and an individual teacher license for $14.99/month beginning in February 2024.  

I highly recommend Diffit – it’s the perfect tool for differentiation, creating sub-plans, and building entire units of study!

Want to know more about using AI tools to differentiate? Check out Nicole’s blog post on differentiation.

Stay curious, stay innovative!

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