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Almanack: Use This AI Tool To Maximize Time Planning Lessons

AI Tool Tuesday Almanack

As teachers, we need several tools in our toolbox, and this is one more tool that will help.  Almanack has a number of tools but it also allows you to plan/pace and store resources right on the website, all with AI-generation tools to maximize your time and help you as a teacher. 

Generate a Course!

Almanack does some pretty neat stuff.  One of the things I tested out was creating a course.  What I loved about this was it allowed me to align it with specific standards.  I titled my course Physics, added 7th as the grade level, and asked it to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for 6-8. Once I created my course it asked if I wanted to create the lessons/unit or if I wanted AI to generate it. I like that it gives me this option.  It keeps the human in the loop.  I found at every step of the way I was able to edit, modify, and change, so not only was this a tool to help me create but a great place to store my resources. Then, I asked the AI to generate my unit and it gave me an outline of 9 Units with a few lessons on each.  I’ve taught this in the past so as I looked through the units and lessons I was impressed with how everything did match up with the NGSS standards.

The course Almanack created

Pacing, With a Calendar Feature

After I generated my course with the nine units Almanack gave me two options, which will help with planning; one a list view, and a second option of a calendar view.  The list view was just that, a list. The calendar view was very cool and will be great for pacing and planning.  This feature allows you to tell it what days you have classes and how long they are. Then Almanack paces out your units and lessons and even makes them color-coded.

Pacing Calendar

Create Resources With Almanack

Once I had my units, I went to edit one of them.  Each unit listed the objectives and again gave me the option to edit if I needed to. There are options for unit resources, I can add my own or have them AI-generated.  This is great since I’ve been teaching middle school physics lessons for a while I can store my resources here as well as generate more with AI.  I clicked on the “create using AI” button, it gave me the choice of 40 different tools.  Some of these are “pro” features but there are a lot that are part of the free version.  I asked it to create a slide deck based on the learning objectives for Physics Introduction.  I could have also asked it to create the slide deck from other files, and YouTube video links.  The slide deck was great, as with any AI creation I put my human touch on it and made it something that worked for my classroom. Even with the tweaks I needed to make it will save me time!

40 Tools!
Slide Deck Tool

I also asked it to create a vocabulary list and a science lab as well, both were great tools and I like the results.

Almanack Integrates With a Variety of Tools

Next, I tested what I could do with my output. Almanack can be used with a variety of tools.  I used the Quizzes and Tests tool, asking for questions about speed and velocity.  Great questions were created, and I stayed in the loop by changing up a few things to make it apply to my classroom.  The best part though? It will export a file that you can directly upload to Blooket (or Kahoot, Gimkit, or others).  Again, a time saver, but not just a time saver it gives me the ability to do this more often. My students will be able to use Blooket to practice vocabulary more often and I can do this quickly to have interactive and engaging classes with Kahoots or Gimkits. Such a game-changer!

Tools Almanack Integrates With

Other Features

Almanack has a few other features that I played with a little, so I’ll tell you about them, but I want some more time playing with them.  I would recommend that you take a look too and see what you think. 

Almanack has a yearly planner, where you can enter your different courses and it will help you pace out for the entire year.   Almanack also has a report card feature.  There are options to enter your learning skills and criteria, as well as your students.  I will need a little more time to play with this.  Almanack is FERPA and COPPA Compliant, but as I always say make sure that you check your district/school policies and that they align with the tools you are using.  Another way around this would be to not put names into Alamanack, but number your students and then put the numbers in. Additionally, make sure that other information you are entering is broad enough that do not include personal or identifying information of students

Check it out!

Overall, I would highly recommend Almanack, it has so many features and is a great way to put your planning all in one place.  Let me know what you think of it in the comments, or join in the conversation on Facebook or X

-Stay Curious, Stay Innovative!

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